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PreEmpt Pain 

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An App for the Non-Pain Provider 

Dedicated to Equitable Pain Management for All

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1. take action in order to prevent

(an anticipated event from happening)

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Introducing the PreEmpt Pain app, a clinical decision tool for providers developing an acute pain management plan. 

PreEmpt Pain takes a systematic approach to holistic pain care based on the expected intensity of pain after a surgical procedure, physical trauma, or medical condition.  Learn the strategies used by pain management experts and take your pain management skills to the next level.  

  • Improve:

    • your efficiency in managing pain

    • awareness of the importance of pain management

    • patient engagement

    • your patient's functional recovery

    • connections with your patients

  • Save time

  • Use as a teaching tool; includes references to the best pain management articles from the experts

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PreEmpt Pain

A Comprehensive Tool Like No Other

I developed the PreEmpt Pain TM app to put the basic tools pain physicians use into the hands of all providers who care for children or adults.  Many pain physicians have their own systematic approach to pain management.  However, these skills are not necessarily taught to non-pain providers during medical education nor residency.  

Research continues to demonstrate that pain is under-recognized and under-treated (Kozlowski).  We know of the strategies that are beneficial for acute pain but it is difficult to translate those strategies into clinical practice for a variety of reasons: the subjective nature of pain scores, scrutiny of opioid prescribing, challenges with patient satisfaction scores, and the lack of time are some examples,   And it is difficult to communicate with patients about their pain when there is so much uncertainty.  


But we CAN do better.  I believe that pain should be approached in a systematic manner, based on the expected intensity of pain related to a surgical procedure, medical condition, or physical trauma.  Providers should have access to a tool that prompts them to consider the aspects of the pain experience that can be modified with the proper attention.  

PreEmpt Pain.  A clinical decision tool for use at the bedside.  Check it out today.


I help individuals, both children and adults, get back to life after a surgical procedure, physical trauma, or medical condition.  With experience in acute pain, chronic pain and palliative care, I'm committed to putting knowledge into the hands of non-pain specialists so they can deliver quality pain care to all patients.  I provide actionable recommendations that can be used immediately to improve understanding and the delivery of pain management.  


Take a look at the categories we cover.  Post a question, answer, or engage with your fellow community members.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today.

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